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The Truth You Must Know (About AC VS. DC HID KIT)


The Truth You Must Know

Every hid purchaser is trying to look for the best possible deal on the complicate hid market. But most customers donít understand that there are more differences in lighting kits than the price. Most suppliers continue to think about how to make the cost even cheaper without considering and informing the consumer of possible dangers. There are a number of sellers in HID market are selling DC HID KIT now so that they can win the market with a crazy price, However, most consumers will never know what they are getting is an inferior product that does not worth the even low price at all.

What is the difference between (Cheap) DC and (Quality) AC kits?

AC and DC describe the electrical method the conversion kit operates. Below are some key differences you should know about:


AC HID conversion kit

DC HID conversion kit

Durability: Stable color, No flicker Always flicker and Change its Color
Bulb Life AC Bulb : 3 times than DC bulb(3000+ hrs) DC bulb: Less than 1000 hrs
Bulb Protection Shock Resistance Protection
a. Legal in car use
b. Safe, good quality
c. Global product liability Insurance approval
No shock resistance protection
a. Easily extinguish
b. Illegal in car use
c. Dangerous, poor quality
Ballast AC ballast:
a. Legal in car use
b. E-mark approval
c. Safe, good quality
d. Global product liability Insurance approval
DC ballast:
a. Illegal in car use
b. No E-mark approval
c. Dangerous, poor quality
d. Reduce the bulb life
Basic Principle Electricity flows in two directions, AC ballast will
reverse the polarity on the same electrode so the
Positive Ions will attract to the other side and
equally distribute the Ions
Electricity flows in one direction, DC
ballast will make positive Ions run to
the negative side and cause it get
hotter and brighter on that side.
Influence a. Customer trust you
b. You get good reputation
c. Complete certificates protect all your
company and your customers.
b. Claim for accident
c. Lose your reputation and money
d. No insurance & E-mark protection
e.†Not legal!
Result Sustainable management and good reputation Lose customer and be eliminated by HID
market eventually

It is important next time you ask before buying if you are obtaining a DC kit or AC kit. These differences cannot be seen physically on the kit, while once you get using it on your car, then you will feel the variety by yourself. Usually, two to five weeks later the differences become apparent. All hid products now listing on are high quality approved AC components.